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We are BeachBound Co.

A unique lifestyle and clothing brand based in Salcombe, providing authentic nautical style, with a modern twist. A fashion line designed for the good times, ready to take you from boat to beach to bar.

I’m Freddie Thompson, a Salcombe local, born and raised, and founder of BeachBound Co. which I first launched back when I was still in school. To all of us here, BeachBound Co. is more than just a brand or another fashion line. It’s a celebration of a way of life. Inspired by the summers and winters spent growing up in and around the coves, harbours and beaches of this stunning part of Devon. That's why our logo features a seal, from watching seals in Salcombe in childhood, it's our 'royal seal' of approval.

We want clothes that fit perfectly with the life we love. Practical enough when we’re sailing or motoring across the stunning Devonshire coastline. Comfortable enough for those days on the beach, whether they’re balmy summer days filled with swimming, fishing, frisbee, and football. Or brisk winter walks along the cliff tops. And of course always something just smart enough to get you all into your favourite bar. 

Our adventure as a brand is only just beginning, if, like us, you want stylish clothes that are bound to last, we’d love to have you join us. To take us wherever your adventures take you. 

For the good times.

BeachBound Co.